In August 2016, NSW took the historic step of being the first state in Australia to ban greyhound racing. This was a huge win for the community, animal welfare organisations, activists and of course greyhounds across the country. The ACT had also announced its plans to introduce a ban.  

However, on 11 October Mike Baird capitulated to radio shock jocks, angry Nationals, and an opportunistic NSW Labor and reversed their position on cruelty and the ban.

The Greens are working to reinstate the ban. More information is coming soon. 

We are committed to banning the greyhound racing Australia-wide.   

The oversupply of dogs and the culture of animal abuse mean that no amount of reform in the industry can achieve the animal welfare outcomes demanded by the general community.

It is not enough to ban the industry in only one state, as it is likely that dogs will simply be moved to other states and territories that still allow greyhound racing. 

The national campaign to end greyhound racing has three demands:

1)    Shut down the cruel greyhound racing industry in every state and territory
2)    Supply adequate funding for the rehoming and adoption of greyhounds in Australia
3)    Ensure a just transition plan for workers

We need to fight to reinstate the ban in NSW. 

The time to act is now. 

 The short-lived NSW Ban

After years of campaigning by community groups, animal welfare organisations and the Greens, the NSW Parliament passed the Bill to ban greyhound racing on 24 August 2016.  

This was in response to the report from the NSW Government’s Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing which revealed systemic and horrific cruelty in the industry, including live baiting and the slaughter of 68,000 dogs over the past 12 years. 

Years of campaigning by community groups, animal welfare organisations and the Greens were confirmed by the ABC’s Four Corners report Making a Killing which revealed the full horrors of live baiting and of greyhound exports to Macau. It was this investigative report that lead to public outrage across Australia, and forced governments to act.

The NSW ban was widely welcomed across the country, with community members joining the Greens and animal welfare organisations in calling for a national ban.

Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi has led the NSW campaign to ban greyhound racing, building on the efforts of the late Dr John Kaye, who worked tirelessly on this issue for many years before his passing in May. 


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