The Greens propose a transition plan for the closure of the greyhound racing industry Australia-wide. The workers and the greyhounds affected by the closure deserve to continue their lives with dignity and opportunity. 

A just transition could involve the following provisions. 

For the workers

1. Government funds currently subsidising the industry to be directed towards funding a transition package for those whose income is dependent on the industry, in particular direct employees of the industry.

2. Offer subsidised retraining to dog trainers and others in the industry through the TAFE/VET system.

3. Facilitate the creation of greyhound foster/adoption centres, as all dogs in the industry are unlikely to be rehomed within 12 months. Former dog trainers known to be committed to humane and ethical practice should be prioritised as employees at these centres as greyhound carers. These centres could be funded for the first three years and then be re-evaluated. 

4. Support the repurposing of racing tracks to greyhound foster centres, public open space, or for activities such as sporting. Publicly owned racetracks must remain publicly owned.

  For the greyhounds

Government should:

1. Subsidise foster carers’ cost of greyhound food. 

2.  Fund mandatory desexing of greyhounds.

3. End specific breeding licences for greyhound racing.  Normal dog breeding licences to apply as per other dog breeds.

4. Establish a rehoming scheme for dogs. Incorporate required funding for 1-2 years for nominated rescue organisations.

5. Waiver for dog ownership costs by funding: 

  • Registration fees for rehomed greyhounds over next 8 years (or the life span of the greyhound)
  • Initial vet check and treatment
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchips

6. Remove the blanket requirement for muzzling, and instead base it on the individual dog's behaviour.