The Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in NSW found that animal cruelty is not only systemic to the industry, but that the industry is unlikely to reform.  

68,000 greyhounds slaughtered

In NSW, between 48,000-68,000 greyhounds bred in the last 12 years were killed before they reached the track for being too slow to compete. This so-called ‘wastage’ rate is 50-70% of greyhounds bred for the industry.

Live baiting

Up to 20% of trainers have been found to use live baiting with concrete evidence as far back as 2009. In September 2009 and March 2010 senior officials prepared documents for Greyhound Racing NSW was shown evidence that proved beyond doubt that the use of live animals for bait continued, and yet senior management took no steps to stop the this barbaric practice .

“There is a very real risk that, once the harsh spotlight of this Commission is removed from the industry, the practice of live baiting will thrive once more” 
-The Honourable Michael McHugh AC QC

Greyhound exports to Macau – a death sentence

Four Corners confirmed in December 2015 that many trainers export their greyhounds to Macau when they are too slow for Australian races. These dogs suffer intense cruelty, languish in concrete cells, regularly sustain injuries and experience a euthanasia rate of 100%.  

Image from Animals Australia

Image from Animals Australia

An unsustainable and declining industry

While about 13,000 people participate in greyhound racing, the industry directly employs the full-time equivalent of 600 people. A further 900 full time-equivalent jobs are indirectly benefited by the industry, including transport and retail workers alongside trainers and breeders. 

The Greens are advocating for a just transition for workers with opportunities to reskill and retrain in other industries and opportunities for full-time, secure employment.